Enrichment Classes

** Heikinpäivä 2017 will re-introduce the virsikannel (a/k/a psalmodikon) to the Finnish community.  This single-stringed, easy to plan folk instrument was used throughout Scandinavia, as well as in Finland, in particular to keep the pitch in hymnsinging during home services and in churches too small for organs. A class for both making and learning to play the virsikannel will be held at the Finnish American Heritage Center the 25th and 26th of January (1pm – 5pm) each day. When finished participants will have their own hand-crafted virsikannel, instructions and lessons on how to play.


For those only interested in learning to play the virsikannel, a class will be held on 27 January at 2 pm, also at the Finnish American Heritage Center.


The virsikannel will also be in the program of the Finnish Hymn Sing at Zion Lutheran Church in Hancock on 29 Jan., at 2 pm.


Psalmodikon (virsikannel) enthusiasts Beatrice Hole of Minnesota and Floyd Foslien of Wisconsin are this year’s Heikinpäivä Artists in Residence and will be conducting the classes.




** On the 6th of February, you'll have a chance to learn to make the ever-popular (and tasty) leipäjuusto (squeaky cheese) at 2 p.m. or 6 p.m. at the Finnish American Heritage Center.

Joanna Chopp, the archivist at the Finnish American Heritage Center,  has developed a way to make this Finnish delicacy, and she's eager to share with you. 








** Also on the 6th of February, you can learn the techniques of playing the 5-string kantele. Local radio personality and Finnish-American actress Kris Kyrö will provide instruction for this course; interestingly, Kyrö herself began her kantele career by taking a Heikinpäivä enrichment course!






To reserve your place at our enrichment classes, call 906-482-1413.